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The new Milk Guard gives you a reliable monitor for your milk tank in accordance with the latest statutory regulations and local dairy requirements.

The Milk Guard controls the following parameters:
• Milk refrigeration temperature
• Agitator function
• Cleaning temperature and duration
• Power failure and refrigeration malfunction
• Storage duration milk

If the milk no longer meets quality standards, a “Load Warning” function is generated, notifying the driver of the milk tanker truck via strobe light.

The Milk Guard is easily retrofitted into already existing and even new milk tanks. All commercially available tanks are supported. The Milk Guard is supplied with sensors that track the required readings. These sensors are easily installed without harming the tank. No additional drilling is required on the tank. The inside or outside tank walls are therefore not damaged.

One Milk Guard can monitor up to 4 tanks simultaneously. This minimizes investment costs and reduces the workload.

Das Gerät funktioniert vollautomatisch, indem es die benötigten Werte vom Tank abgreift und hieraus die entsprechenden Alarme und Parameter generiert. Eine regelmäßige Bedienung bzw. manuelle Überprüfung ist nicht erforderlich.

With the help of the integrated rechargeable battery, the operation of the Milk Guard is ensured even during a power failure. In this case, the grid failure is reported accordingly.

You will find more information in our flyer.