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The modern container cooling systems are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers. Variable cooling capacities up to 2800 kW in a 40 ft container are possible. Energy efficiency is achieved through frequency-controlled pumps and cooling tower motors. Multiple circulation systems are possible for different consumers.

Modern controls allow monitoring of the operating states of the cooling system.

  • 20 ft or 40 ft container
  • Up to 2800 kW cooling capacity
  • Integrated water tank with level control
  • PLC controlled
  • High quality stainless steel cooling towers
  • Freshwater filter depending on need for fresh water (DN 15 – DN 200)
  • Worldwide customer support
  • Worldwide commissioning
  • Simple assembly on jobsite


  • Cooling tower with intake air filter
  • Cooling tower with silencers
  • Integrated chiller
  • Filling pump for fresh water
  • Return flow safety for higher elevation consumers
  • Interior heating in the container for frost protection
  • Interior cooling for warm countries
  • Different voltages / frequencies possible
  • Frequency controlled consumer pumps
  • Frequency-controlled cooling tower motors

Construction Container cooling systems of container facilities:

Fully welded steel profiles with 8 x ISO corner fittings

Steel profile 1,5 mm thick, profiled sheeting corrugated profile, primed
and painted

With reinforced cross-beams, as well as partial reinforcement in the area
of the tanks

Inside floor:
4 + 1 mm corrugated steel profile welded tightly all around, primed and

Double doors standard front side with locking rods and circumferential
rubber gasket (with insulated container design door is also insulated),
option: 1 x steel personnel door with cyl.lock, door handles and
circumferential rubber gasket in integrated hinged door (with insulated
container design the door is also insulated)

Mineral wool insulation for sides, roof and all doors, clean edged with
interior paneling of smooth-walled galvanized sheet steel, joined and
riveted (floor is not insulated)

Frame cutouts adapted for ventilation, fresh water supply, consumer feed
line/ return line, overflow, drain, container roof: cooling tower feed line/
return line

Removable support structure statically supports with transverse beams,
to receive the cooling tower

Exterior paint RAL colour as desired, incl. primer
Installation (tank) in steel or stainless steel: Design: hot- + cold zone
• Water level display
• Level control
• Pump protection against dry running
• freshwater supply